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Dassara-Pluto Jaouhara-Sahel

Von Taikoussou, 26.07.2011, 18:59
... feiert heute seinen dritten Geburtstag und grüßt auf diesem Wege seine Mutter Züchterin, Claudine Kuntz, und natürlich all seine Freunde!

Pluto & Kerstin

Die stolze Besitzerin Kerstin Bergquist schreibt folgendes:

"Pluto has had a remarkable show carreer. In the Nordic countries at least 1 CAC must be won after 2 years of age. Pluto became Swedish Champion 2 years and 6 days old. Next weekend he was Danish Champion and the following weekend Norwegian Champion as well as Nordic Champion. In September the Finnish Champion title was obtained. And finally, at the age of only 27 months and 10 days, Pluto was awarded the qualifying CACIB for the title International Champion.
On Tuesday July 26th Pluto will be 3 years old and would like to send his congratulations and best wishes to his sisters and brothers in France and Italy. A special greeting to Maman, Claudine Kuntz in France. Pluto is the baby in Beau Mec's Whippet family in Sweden and they will all help him to finish the cake."

The first guests arrive

The dog-cake ...

... is enjoyed

Übrigens sucht Kerstin Bergquist noch immer sehnsüchtig Bilder der Welthundeausstellung in Herning 2010 von Pluto! Kann jemand helfen?

Kerstin Bergquist is still looking for pictures of Pluto taken in Herning on the worlddogshow 2010! Can anybody help?

Esther(Gast), 27.07.2011, 11:27

Grattis Pluto!
Happy Birthday from Denmark. Hope to see you soon :-)

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Taikoussou, 26.07.2011, 19:01

Happy birthday Pluto! Have a wonderful day. Hope to see you again soon!

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